Michael Stensland, PhD and Kristine Stensland

Michael Stensland, PhD and Kristine Stensland

Main Session Presenters

Dr. Michael Stensland is the Founder and President of Agile Outcomes Research, Inc. In addition to a PhD in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Stensland has a natural penchant for applied statistical methods and an additional specialization in Applied Quantitative
Psychology. While much of his professional career has been conducting observational studies in healthcare, Dr. Stensland felt called to use his gifting to support marriage and families. In 2019, he added the Make It Last division of Agile to do that work. Mike has experienced the devastating effects of divorce and is committed to using his knowledge, skills, and experience to help reduce the rate of divorce.

Kristine Stensland is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Guide Your Heart which was founded in 2020. After completing a BA and MBA in Finance and Masters in Healthcare Administration, Kristine prepared for a “time such as this” by
gaining skills and experiences across several industries ranging from healthcare to non- profits. Her professional skills, formal education, and years of community service align to lead Guide Your Heart towards its mission “To foster partnerships, centralize access to impactful resources, and mobilize community support to reduce the emotional, financial, and social toll of divorce on our families, friends, neighbors, and communities.”

Mike and Kristine blended their family 14 years ago and live in Rochester, MN. They have 4 children and have recently become empty-nesters. They are looking forward to the “honeymoon at the end.”