Thursday Morning

Marriage Enrichment for Stepcouples — Gil & Brenda Stuart

This breakout will help you discover concepts that will equip couples in stepfamilies to master conflict, stepparenting, unity, and more. Help them experience creative, effective communication, and deeper connection. You will gather ideas and tools that you can use today to help couples in your church and community enrich their relationship.

Ministering to Children of Divorce — Linda Ranson Jacobs

Ministering to children of divorce in a two-parent home can be confusing and exhausting. Suggestions and tips will be given so you can help parents manage their home and kids in a calm and productive manner. Discussion includes the poverty of disconnectedness, setting boundaries and empowering parents in their home.

Launching Your Ministry Start to Finish from Scratch — Ron Deal 

Those new to stepfamily ministry are encouraged to attend this breakout. Traditional family ministries and marriage education programs do very little to equip stepcouples for healthy stepfamily living. Come learn what stepfamilies need, the fundamentals of stepfamily ministry, the process of starting a ministry from start to finish, and how your church can help break the generational cycle of divorce.