Breakout Presenters

Randy and Gayla began their stepfamily journey 23 years ago with each bringing two children to the marriage. The challenges of blending their family propelled them into ministry to encourage and equip other stepfamily couples. The Grace’s have facilitated stepfamily small groups in five different churches over the past 20 years in addition to speaking at retreats and conferences.

Gayla founded Stepparenting With Grace a decade ago to offer resources and coaching services to stepcouples. She has written a monthly column for blended families for Lifeway’s Parenting Teens for five years and has more than 500 parenting articles in print across the United States. She co-authored Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul and is excited about her upcoming devotional book, Stepparenting With Grace, to be released in August 2018.

Gayla is the Director of Sisterhood of Stepmoms, a non-profit organization that offers national retreats to provide help, hope, and healing for any woman dating, engaged, or married to a man with kids.

Randy and Gayla currently reside in Bossier City, Louisiana, with a 17-year-old “ours” child still at home and four adult children out of the nest.


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