Summit Next Steps

Next Steps

  1. Test the principles and apply the knowledge you gained at this year’s Summit. Host a blended family small group in your local church or community. Make sure to add your event details to our searchable map of stepfamily events. Let us know if you need help in adding it by emailing
  2. Join our exclusive group of stepfamily ministry leaders at On Mission With FamilyLife Blended Facebook Group. We want to help you reach the stepfamilies in your corner of the world!
  3. Take a few minutes to learn about other stepfamily resources that are available.
  4. Get your Certificate in Blended Family Ministry from FamilyLife. 
  5. Add the Preparing to Blend page to your internet browser for the pastors and lay leaders at your church.
  6. Keep an eye on upcoming virtual events and trainings for ministry leaders and couples.
  7. Consider hosting the 2023 Blended & Blessed Livestream on April 29, 2023.