The 2023  Summit on Stepfamily Ministry is a 1-day VIRTUAL event to help equip you to minister to blended families.

If you want to be a catalyst and effect change in your church and community, come join a growing movement of leaders ministering to stepfamilies. Whether you are brand new to blended family ministry, have a small group, or thriving ministry, join us! This event will encourage and equip you and your whole team. 

This year's Summit will be on October 12th, 9-3:30 pm CST. Watch at home or watch as a group at your church or organization. This event will be broadcast live but we will utilize DVR and Video on Demand functionality to allow viewers in different time zones to watch at a convenient time for them. 

Pricing Details

  • Household Registration - $39

  • Organization Registration - $79 (organization of any size; it comes with an All-Access Pass that includes this year's event and previous Summit events.) 

Merge: Integrate Stepfamily Ministry Into Your Church

You don't have to change everything. Merging blended family ministry into your church doesn't mean you have to recreate everything or add a whole new department or ministry. It just means you think through how you integrate basic stepfamily ministry elements into your established ministry structure. And there are lots of good ways of doing that! This year's Virtual Summit will help you think through where to start or what to add to bring blended family ministry to your church and community.

We'll cover topics such as: 

  • Why family ministry is rare and what we know about churches that do it well.

  • Strategies to get church leaders to care/become open to merging and/or creating a family ministry.

  • How to merge stepfamily basics into your church's established ministries such as premarital, marriage ministry, student/child, women/men, and counseling.

  • Leading dynamic small groups, in-person and virtual.

  • Cohabitating couples.

  • and much more!


What sets the Summit apart?

This is the only event geared toward equipping the church to minister to stepfamilies which make up a significant percentage of your church and community.

If you've always wanted to attend the Summit but haven't been able to because of travel or schedule, don't miss this year. The event is VIRTUAL so it's the perfect opportunity to gather other ministry leaders and watch together. 






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