Wednesday Afternoon

Stepfamily TherapyRon L. Deal, LMFT, LPC

For pastoral counselors and professionals, this workshop will outline the basics of therapy with blended families—and how you can discern who to refer couples to in your community. You’ll also learn how to become a Recognized Smart Stepfamily Therapy Provider.

911: Responding to Immediate CrisisDrs Jeff & Judi Parziale

Discover a practical model for dealing with stepfamily crises. You will be introduced to the principles and goals of crisis intervention, how to address key stepfamily challenges and ways you can effectively come alongside stepfamilies in crisis.

Understanding Stepfamilies 101 Gil Stuart, LCMHC & Brenda Stuart, CTC

We’ve all watched the Brady Bunch. We know how this whole stepfamily thing works…right? Well, not so much. Gil and Brenda will lay a solid foundation for you to understand the joys, challenges, stresses and “wins” that come with a stepfamily. Whether you are in a stepfamily or new to offering this ministry, you will walk away with tips and tools to positively impact these fragile families.