Wednesday Afternoon

Understanding Stepfamilies 101Laura Petherbridge

Join Laura as she explores the unique issues encountered by blended families. She will explore how to address the most common issues they face, what’s needed to remain stable when ambushed by stress, and keys to keeping the marriage alive.  

Full-Time Stepparenting — Randy & Gayla Grace

The full-time stepparent role includes unique dynamics and challenges, often very different than a part-time stepparent. In this breakout, Randy and Gayla—both full-time stepparents—will address common issues full-time stepparents in your church and community may encounter such as: how to help stepchildren thrive in the absence of a parent, how grief affects relationships, healthy boundary-setting, staying united as a stepcouple, responsibility versus authority as a stepparent, defining your role, coping with resistance, and other variables of a full-time stepparent.

Ministering to Millennials — David Robbins & Ron Deal

The millennial generation has shifting values regarding marriage and family and will increasingly become part of blended families. In this breakout learn defining characteristics of this generation and how to engage them regarding their key relationships.